Go to any large bookshop nowadays and you will most likely find that their shelves are liberally stocked with books about hypnosis and its numerous applications. Pick out any such book at random, open it anywhere and look anywhere on the page. The chances are that what you are reading is plainly wrong, is misleading, is questionable, has little support, or requires significant qualification for it to be accepted as a valid statement.’ Heap, 2006 ( Click here to read Heap’s article)

It is highly probable that the selves of your local bookshops are full of ‘pop psychology’ self-help books. There is a large and profitable market for such books.  The following books I recommend; are written by leading researchers in the area. Some of the authors began by writing academic texts for practitioners. The self-help books they later wrote include clinically tested techniques.

  • Burns, D (1980) Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (1980)
  • Burns, D (1980) When Panic Attacks (2010)
  • Nezu, A.M., Nezu, C.M. & D’Zurilla, T. J. (2006) Solving life’s problems: A five step guide to enhanced well-being
  • Padesky, C.A & Greenberger, D. (1995) Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel By Changing the Way You Think


  • Alladin, A (2008) Cognitive Hypnotherapy: An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Emotional Disorders
  • Aravind, K.K. & Heap, M. (4th ed), (2002) Hartland’s Medical and Dental Hypnosis.
  • Barber, T.X., Spanos, N.P. & Chaves, J.F. (1974) Hypnotism: Imagination, and Human Potentialities
  • Beck, A. T., Rush, A. J., Shaw, B.F. and Emery, G. (1979). Cognitive Therapy of Depression
  • Beck, J.S. (1995). Cognitive Therapy: Basics & Beyond
  • Chapman R. A. (ed.) (2006) The Clinical Use of Hypnosis in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Clark, D.A. & Beck, A.T (2010) Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders: Science & Practice
  • Clarke, J. C. & Jackson, J. A. (1983) Hypnosis & Behavior Therapy: The Treatment of Anxiety & Phobias
  • Dobson, D. & Dobson, K.S. (2009) Evidence-Based Practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • Dowd, E.T. (2000) Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • D’Zurilla, T, J & Nezu, A.M (2006) Problem-Solving Therapy: A Positive Approach to Clinical Intervention
  • Hammond, D.C. (1990) Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors
  • Kroger, W.S (2nd ed), (2007) Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: In Medicine, Dentistry, and Psychology
  • Lazarus, A.A. (1997) Brief but Comprehensive Psychotherapy: The Multimodal Way The Practice of Multimodal Therapy
  • Lynn, S.J. & Kirsch, I (2006) Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis: An Evidence-Based Approach
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  • Robertson, D (2009) The Discovery of Hypnosis: The Complete Writings of James Braid
  • Robertson, D (2010) The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy
  • Weitzenhoffer, A.M. (2nd ed), (2000) The Practice of Hypnotism