Confidentiality Contract

All information, whether verbal or written, in notes is treated as strictly private and confidential.

The therapist has a responsibility both to the client and to the community at large. Moral and legal limitations apply. These limitations, mainly concern risk of serious harm to oneself/others and child protection issues. If a situation arises in which the moral or legal limits of confidentiality are exceeded, the reasons will be explained by the therapist and discussed with the client at the time.

Brief Therapy Outline

Each session will last between fifty minutes and an hour. This time is referred to as the ‘therapeutic’ hour.

I, as a practitioner, have the ethical responsibility to ensure that you, the client make the most of each session and are given the time to discuss any pressing issues, without the session becoming emotionally and mentally taxing. Following the indications of research and years of practise, the ‘therapeutic hour’ is the recommended time period for therapy sessions.

Cancellations or Amendments

Cancellations or amendments to appointments require 48 hours’ notice via phone call.

Appointments considered confirmed once booking is made. For clients unable to provide at least 48 hours’ notice, there is a charge of thirty euros. I will waive this fee in the event of serious or contagious illness or emergency.

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