Managing stress, tension or anxiety demands a skills based approach.

The British Medical Journal recommends CBT and applied relaxation as the most effective therapies in the treatment of anxiety. The combining of these therapy techniques, tailoring the treatment plan, to the individual is a pragmatic approach to treatment.

Adopting a skills training approach, I train my clients in self – help techniques.   Placing emphasis on empowering clients, I educate the client regarding their symptoms.  I coach one in recognising their symptoms, uncover and explain the factors maintaining symptoms and preventing change.  I guide clients in techniques which aid one in regaining freedom in thoughts and behaviour.

Therapy can provide you with confidence in using various skills and techniques, in situations, which evoke stress, anxiety, panic, fear or tension.  The techniques you learn lower the levels of tension in the muscular system. The mind and body; inextricably interconnected, are trained to replicate the lowering of tension in what were once challenging, stress arousing situations.  Responses, which were once automatic, creating high levels of tension, stress or anxiety, altered.  As one learns the skills, to alter psycho-physiological symptoms, behaviour becomes less automatic and less habitual with powerful results.

One leaves the consultation room with a feeling of well-being and confidence in their ability to deal with life’s difficulties.  Research clearly reveals that empowering clients to gain control in their lives, results in psychological resilience and impacts positively on health.

The integration of the two most powerful and effective psychological therapies, namely cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnotherapy uncovered as the most evidence based therapeutic interventions available today in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.  This integration referred to as cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, found to be the most effective treatment for anxiety, stress, panic attacks and social anxiety. The specialist approach employed, involves combining the appropriate psychological and physiological elements into each treatment plan, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

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